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As mentioned above, due to COVID-19, the private (couple-to-couple) and public sessions are temporarily on hold. You can alternatively register for distance learning sessions, still contact your relevant coordinator by region below or the Serena Ontario coordinator for arranging other means of training.

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Note that Distance Learning is done by live teachers over the internet via screen sharing (e.g. Skype). Select one of the courses below for Distance Learning. Alternatively you can contact us directly at 613-728-6536 to book a session, or fill out a contact form here.

Symptothermal for Avoiding Pregnancy

Studies have shown that the Symptothermal Method is 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy when used  perfectly.


Return of Fertility after Childbirth

Is your baby less than 6 months old? Then this course may be for you. Using the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) that can be 98% effective, Serena teachers will help you identify the signs that confirm that fertility has returned.

Using Symptothermal while breastfeeding

If a woman is already experienced in evaluating her fertile signs and recording temperature, the Symptothermal Method during breastfeeding will be easier.

Symptothermal during Perimenopause

Are you older than 35? Then this session is for you. The Symptothermal Method, as taught by Serena, is still applicable and effective during perimenopause.

Symptothermal to Conceive a Child

The Symptothermal chart informs the couple of the probability of a pregnancy very soon after conception in a very economical way.

Information on Your Fertility Cycle

The most fertile days are the days just prior to ovulation. By closely monitoring the characteristics of the cervical mucus and the changes in the cervix, couples are able to recognize and take advantage of their time of maximum fertility.


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