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Serena Needs You!

If you have used the Symptothermal Method for a number of years, you recognize its importance in your life both as a method of family planning, and as a way of life. Would you be ready to help other couples by becoming a teacher-couple? Serena needs you! We cannot do this without you!

As a volunteer organization, this information does not get disseminated unless we have amazing and dedicated volunteers to share what they know with others.

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What Serena Offers You

If you are married and using the Symptothermal method of NFP, then Serena offers you:

  • Quality training and accreditation
  • Ongoing volunteer development
  • A chance to learn even more about the method
  • The opportunity to meet people who share the same values.

Benefits of Becoming a Teacher Couple

A few of the benefits of becoming a teacher-couple include:

  • The satisfaction of offering a valuable resource
  • Making a difference in the lives of other couples
  • The opportunity to grow as a couple
  • A chance to develop friendships

CAN YOU VOLUNTEER A FEW HOURS EACH MONTH? Contact us now for information on how you can become a teacher couple and assist this great initiative!


If you appreciate the value of fertility, enjoy working with your spouse, like teamwork and want to help other couples, please contact us now to join our team!